Becoming a Reviewer

Hello and welcome! This course is designed to help you become a successful reviewer of a scientific or scholarly journal. You’ll find all of the basics covered in this course, as well as pointers toward more advanced topics.

If you work through all of the modules in this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the critical role played by reviewers in advancing science and scholarship.
  2. Discover the professional benefits you will receive by volunteering your time as a reviewer.
  3. Learn how to write a useful review that will help your editor and the author.
  4. Effectively work with OJS, a popular open source, online journal management and peer review system.
  5. Become a better reviewer over time.


Module 1: The Role of the Reviewer

Module 2: What’s in it for you?

Module 3: Volunteering your Time

Module 4: Writing Good Reviews

Module 5: Reviewing for an OJS Journal

Module 6: Evaluating your Reviews

Module 7: Quiz


Let’s get started with Module 1 →

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