Becoming an Editor

Hello and welcome! This course is designed to help you become a successful editor of a scholarly journal. Whether you are starting your own journal or taking on the responsibility for an existing journal, you’ll find all of the basics covered in this course, as well as pointers toward more advanced topics.

If you work through all of the lessons in this course, you will be able to:

  1. Perform the major tasks required by an Editor for a scholarly journal
  2. Analyze and solve common problems that may arise when editing a scholarly journal
  3. Assist others members of the journal team
  4. Know where to look for help when you don’t know what to do

Course Content

Modules Status

Module 1: An Introduction to the Scholarly Journal


Module 2: Organizing and Setting up the Editorial Office


Module 3: The Editorial Board and Editorial Policies


Module 4: The Editorial Role and Responsibilities


Module 5: The Editorial Process


Module 6: The Production Processes


Module 7: Managing the Peer Review Process


Module 8: Financial Models for Scholarly Journals


Module 9: Journal Visibility I: Promoting Your Journal


Module 10: Journal Visibility II: Getting Indexed


Module 11: The Journal Editor and the Legal Issues of Publishing


Module 12: Ethical Issues in Editing Scholarly Journal


Module 13: Strategic Planning: A Key to a Successful Journal


Module 14: Facing the Editorial Challenges of New and Small Journals

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  1. Let me start with the basics. I think this is a good start

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