Module 15: The Initial Copyedit



In this module we switch to the perspective of the copyeditor in order to become familiar with how OJS facilitates the copyediting process. OJS allows the copyeditor to share the revised manuscript and communicate with the section editor and author.

Note that the video shows the copyediting process in Microsoft Word 2013. However, the process is roughly the same in most word processing programs.

Also keep in mind that your journal’s copyeditors (and authors) will often use different word processors. To deal with this, your editorial team may decide that the journal will use a system of bolding text, such as the Harvard Educational Review “Instructions for Making Electronic Revisions to the Manuscript,” a system that works in any word processing software. These instructions are available via a link in OJS, which we’ll see in the video.



OJS User Guide: Copyeditor


For this activity, you need to login as your Copyeditor and perform the initial copyediting functions as described in the video and readings. If any questions arise while doing this, please post them in the comment section below.


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Copyediting is a critical role for any publication. Have you ever worked as a copyeditor? Can you provide a few examples of the major responsibilities of a Copyeditor?

4 Comments on "Module 15: The Initial Copyedit"

  1. The only part that is a little confusing is that when I upload the new copy edited document with a new title, the new title doesn’t register. This made me unsure that I had uploaded the file correctly, and I had to download the document again to make sure it was the revised version.

    • Hi Clare,

      Yes, OJS uses alphanumerical names, you can see the first version with a name like this: 60-339-1-CE.DOCX where:
      60 is the ID submission
      339 is an ID internal, unique for each file upload
      1 the version of this document
      CE the acronym of Copyeditor

      So, when you upload the new document you can see something like this: 60-339-2-CE.DOCX, the only change is the number 2, the version.

      Well, Kevin can explain better =)

  2. This is probably the point in the course that is the easiest to trip up.

    It’s important to remember if you’ve assigned copyedit roles to editors and section editors.

  3. This activity is very important, depends of the copyeditor give concgruencia to text

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