Module 6: Submitting an Article



This module will allow us to see things from the author’s point of view as she makes a submission to the journal.

Understanding the author’s submission process is important for the editor since you may have to help authors if they have trouble uploading their manuscript to the journal.

This is also the stage where the author works with the submission guidelines, which are created by the editor in consultation with the editorial board, including the Journal Manager. (Note that only the Journal Manager can edit the submission guidelines in OJS.) Gaining some familiarity with the author’s submission process will help guide you in working with the journal team to make these submission guidelines as clear and helpful as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about the editor’s responsibility to authors which informs this author submission process, you may want to take a look at the course Becoming an Editor, in which the ethics of scholarly publishing are considered. If you want to see how the Journal Manager uses OJS to create these guidelines, please see the OJS for Managers Course.



OJS User Guide – Authors


For this lesson, you should first create a new test user for your journal (you can use a fake email such as and enroll that account as an Author (see OJS for Journal Managers if you’re not sure how to do this). Next, login to your test journal as that Author and submit a test article. Make sure you have a sample document to upload (typically a Microsoft Word document). If you run into any problems, post them in the comments section below.


[WpProQuiz 9]


Does the submission process make sense to you as a new OJS user? Did anything stand out as problematic? Anything you’d suggest we change in the user interface or in the workflow steps?

You’ve made it through to Module 6 — congratulations! At this point, it would be very helpful for me to get some feedback from you about what is working with this course and what is not. Any suggested changes? Anything particularly confusing? I’m continually revising all of the PKP School courses, so your comments will make them better for everyone.

12 Comments on "Module 6: Submitting an Article"

  1. Profile photo of Allison Hill Allison Hill says:

    I think it would be useful to include guidelines to help authors choose effective index terms. This could be an external link, popup, or hover box, perhaps customizable by the journal manager.

  2. Well, the submit of an article is very easy, and OJS has a very good guide for the author in this process.

  3. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    If my journal goes the open review route, can the double blind links be removed from the submission process?

  4. Thank you very much Kevin, thanks to your help I could move one step forward and will contact now the forum as the submitting is still not working.

  5. I have just installed OJS, created 2 test Journals and the corresponding roles (Journal Manager, editor, author) and an Issue in “Future Issues”, nevertheless the system doesen’t allow me (as author) to submit an OpenOffice nor PDF 12pt file. On the Journal Managment Page of Test Journal 1 it says me: “This journal is not accepting submissions at this time.” On the Journal Management System of “Test Journal 2” it allows me to submit but the file gets not uploaded. What could be the problem?

    • Hi Richard, you can resolve the “Journal is not accepting submissions” problem by ensuring that your journal has at least one Section open for anyone to submit to. You can change that by logging in as the Journal Manager, going to Journal Sections, and editing a section (e.g., Articles). Make sure it is not just limited to editors submitting.

      For the second problem, I suggest posting that to our support forum. It sounds like a server setting that may need to be changed — and that’s outside of my expertise. The forum is here:

  6. The submission process is easy for most people. The advantage of that is so open, keywords, extension of the keywords, and more, is that as editor allows you to receive a variety of items. In the dialogue with the author, are completed the infomation necessary.
    As for the course, the video is clear and very illustrative. I like the hub of information

  7. In general, the submission process is very good and easy but as a programmer i think are missing some validations like:

    – Validate the file type, for example accept only docx files or only doc files or only pdf files, etc.
    – Have a counter of words in the abstract, like twitter.
    – Put the limit of file size to upload.
    – Make mandatory the keywords.
    – Make mandatory the references.

    The last 2 points is very important to harvesting metadata or citation.

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