Course Evaluation

I hope you’re finding the course useful. If you’ve made it through all of the modules — well done! Based on your experience working through the course, are there any comments you’d like to make that could help improve it?

If you’d rather make some private comments, please send them to me here.

13 Comments on "Course Evaluation"

  1. Thank you for making the course available freely. But the certification fee is on the high side considering developing countries like mine (Nigeria) with low per capital income.

    I think concession should be given to developing countries and young journal managers.

    Thank you

  2. Its an interest and usefull course.The thing I like the most is that everyone can go as slow/fast as everyone whant.

  3. Yola says:

    What I can say is that of course is a great tool to learn more system and helps you know they have plenty of plugins to use and explotgar the system. Thank you for the course

  4. Greg Chan says:

    I’m finding the videos and assigned readings very helpful.

  5. This is a great experience working with OJS…..

  6. Excellent course, videos and materials are quite useful to be learning. Thank You

  7. Each module is so clear, the material is simple even for new users. Maybe a quiz in the end of each module will be great !

  8. The videos and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow, thanks

  9. I’am so excited with the system specially with the course structure and material it is easy and intuitive, at eScire we offer spanish training in OJS and we do it through videos too, with this expirence i think we just need to be more accurate.

  10. Nice system. Usefull for beginner like me. A very intuitive interface and a good videos ! Thank you !

  11. Love the system so far. One thing that was a bit confusing was while I was trying to assign roles, I didn’t realize that I had to exit back to the Journal Management page and select the link for Enrollment again to assign a different role to a different person. I ended up with everyone being a Section Editor!

    Once I start working on a real journal now that I know I have to exit, I’m sure it won’t happen, but the process was still a bit confusing.

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