Module 10: Setup Step 5

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Congratulations! You’ve reached the final setup step. In this section you will learn about the fifth and final journal setup step, which includes information about the journal’s appearance.

This is important to get right, as it will largely determine the visual experience for your readers. Although it may seem shallow, an amateur “look” will not reflect well on your journal’s perceived professionalism. Some journals go so far as to contract a professional graphic designer to make sure things look as good as possible.





Please read the section covering Step 5 in the OJS User Guide.

As part of this unit, you should review some of the existing OJS journals to get a sense of the variety of “looks” that have been implemented. Some are quite simple, while others are much more extensive.

You might also want to take a look at some non-OJS journals, to see how they display their online content. The Directory of Open Access Journals is a good place to start.

When reviewing both OJS and non-OJS journals, review what common elements exist, and what works (and, of course, what doesn’t).

If you are really ambitious, and want to learn about creating your own unique cascading style sheet (CSS), W3Schools is a great resource.



For this activity, login to your journal, and select your role as a Journal Manager again.

Return to the Setup section, and go to Step 5. Proceed through the different fields, adding some information to each field. Try experimenting with different journal themes and moving around the blocks (step 5.6).

Save once you’ve finished.

Please post your questions or comments!


Second Quiz

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Did everything work in Step 5 as expected, or were there some surprises? Was there anything you didn’t understand?

Also, list at least two journals that you really liked the “look” of, and briefly explain why. Please post your comments below.


16 Comments on "Module 10: Setup Step 5"

  1. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    It would be very useful tools to increase more designs our platforms, for people who do not have much knowledge in css.
    Tip for more recent versions of OJS, the pkp has developed the option to round corners of the modules that appear to the right and left, you can locate as manager of the magazine, option modules and subsequently system modules genericos.
    It gives a better look to our journal.
    Greetings, Yola!

  2. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    Is it possible to insert social media icons in the footer (5.4) without some serious coding?

  3. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    Fun! I think I will be spending a lot of time on this step. Question: is there a standard size and format for an image being used as the journal header?

  4. I like this two journals:

    colors are attractive, both has main information with a naked eye and space is well distributed with one sidebar.

  5. I think SHIP is fantastic as well:

    The only thing I would change would be to remove the images of the covers. The ships are too similar at that size to justify having them on the homepage.

    One of the readings from the first module was in this publication: Scholarly and Research Communication ( I’m a big fan of the minimalism, so I think it looks really good. One thing I would change about it, though, would be to reduce the line length. It’s a bit too long to comfortably read onscreen. Either that or bump the font size and leading up a bit. Maybe both.

  6. Arley says:

    There are two colombian journals using OJS that have a very good “look”:

    Ship Science & Technology
    – The changing photographies at the homepage give a little of “dynamic”
    – Each article has a small picture, so I think it also add a quick “graph information” to the readers.

    – The colors (Red, specially) are strong and because of that, is very easy to recognize article´s titles, links, and buttons.
    – I like the main menu at the left bar, because is easier to click and navigate between the items.

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