Module 12: Review Forms




This unit will introduce the Review Forms, show you how to build them, and how to use them for your journal.

You will want to follow this unit closely, as it might be a little challenging at first. Getting this right is important though, because the peer review process is critical to the credibility of scholarly/scientific journals. As well, providing the volunteer reviewers with a usable set of procedures to follow will help to ensure they will deliver their best work and return to review for your journal again in the future. Having a community of dedicated reviewers is a key aspect to the long-term sustainability of a journal, and spending time here at the beginning can help ensure this.





Please read the section on Review Forms in the OJS User Guide.

TIP: In OJS, “Form Items” are essentially the form questions.



For this activity, follow the instructions for creating a new review form, and be sure to include at least:

  • One yes/no question
  • One likert scale-type question (i.e., on a scale of 1 – 5, rate this article)
  • One extended textbox question


Getting the Review Forms to work the way that you want can be a little tricky at first. Did you have any problems? Please post your comments below.


15 Comments on "Module 12: Review Forms"

  1. Profile photo of Suzanne Jay Suzanne Jay says:

    This is a very useful feature. It is easy to build the forms once the questions or review criteria is decided. Does anyone have rubric or criteria about assessing posters that you would be willing to share with me? Thank you!

    • Great question, Suzanne! If you don’t get any replies here, it might be worth posting the question on the PKP Facebook group or via Twitter (@pkp). I’d also be interested in the responses and adding a link to a rubric as part of the course.

  2. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    Is not difficult, is very simple, but I would like some changes were made on the labels as in the language Spanish, because is not so understandable the label to add a new question on the form.

  3. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    This works well. Is there a typical number of questions that a review form should have?

    • My sense is that it is someone discipline, and maybe even journal, specific. I’ve seen examples that include quite a few very specific questions, and others that have three or four general questions. Personally, I like the idea of specific questions, as it can make the editor’s job easier in comparing the different reviewer reports. I think it makes the reviewer’s job easier too, providing them with helpful guidance.

  4. The review forms are very usefull because are customized as you need and the Reviewers can leave a decision quickly.

  5. I didn’t had any problem, review forms are an excelent tool for taking a decision about article.

  6. very good tools. simple and efficient!

  7. Edil Torres Rivera says:

    This is very cool — I wish I have see this when I first came to be an editor of the journal that I am editing now — it is super helpful.

  8. Ines says:

    No problem with this, just one question: which is the word/character limit in the “extended text box” item?
    The “copy” option is very useful.

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