Module 13: Masthead

Review Activity



This unit will show you two different ways that OJS allows you to create a masthead for your journal.

Whichever method you decide to use, this is an important step because it provides a public display of the editorial team for your journal. Most editors will likely be volunteers, so they need to have their efforts publicly recognized. And authors, reviewers, and readers will want to know who is involved before they make the committment to becoming part of your community. Getting this right is an important part of building a sustainable community around your journal.





Please read the Masthead section in the OJS User Guide.



Before making any changes, take a look at your journal’s masthead and how the names are displayed.

Next, login to your journal and change the masthead option from the default to alternative option and go ahead and create some titles and enroll some users.

Save your work and view the results on your “About” page.


Review Activity

Your editor called and needs you to add a section called “Multimedia”. Only Editors or Section Editors can submit, and author names shouldn’t be displayed. Can you do it?



How did you find the Masthead options? Did they make sense? Did you prefer one method over another? Why? Please post your comments below.


12 Comments on "Module 13: Masthead"

  1. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    it´s very easy to create the Editorial Team, and it’s important that ojs permitted create the form manual this editrial.
    good tool

  2. Profile photo of Keti Keti says:

    Could you please tell me if i can add members in editorial team if when then are not registered? like an list of editors…

  3. The journal selects who should appear as part of the team.

  4. Do you want to present all your editorial team? This is the solution. Is simple, easy and quickly.

  5. I think Masthead options are useful, because it let us organize and present information with a clear structure for users.

  6. Lili says:

    I’m not agree to choose only 1 method, because author want to know people who make technical work ( to connect with in any point of editorial process) and editorial board.

    It must be not radio bow but check box 🙂

  7. Lili says:

    Here is example of journal where there is Editorial Team and Editorial Board separately:

    How can i make the same?

  8. Ines says:

    I prefer the manual method, this way you can use the titles that each journal requires. For instance, in Spanish I don’t think “section editor” is very common (as a title), but “journal secretary” is quite common. So this manual method is very adaptable for each journal characteristics.

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