Module 2: Registering and Logging In




In this unit, you will learn how to register for a new user account in OJS, how to login using the new account, and find out about some possible problems that might occur for your readers.

This is an important unit because everyone working with your journal will need to have an account, and will need to login to use it. Although the vast majority of users follow the instructions independently and have no problems, you will occasionally have individuals who run into trouble. Completing this will help you understand how it works and what can sometimes go wrong.





Read this entry in the OJS FAQ about potential problems with logging in.



For this unit, you will be working with the course journal for the first time. Everyone will have their own journal to work with, identified by your name (e.g., Kevin Stranack’s Journal). You can access it here:

First, go to your journal, find the Register link and fill in the form. Remember to select your role as a Reader, an Author, and a Reviewer.

Once you’ve finished, you will be taken to your User Home page.

Next, logout, and then login again with the username and password you just created.

Once you’ve done it, that’s it! Success!

If you’ve run into any problems, post the details on the unit forum and your co-students or I will help you out.

If you see that someone is having a problem, and you think you know what is going wrong, please help! We’re all in this together!



Did you have any problems creating your new account or logging in? If you did, please summarize them. This kind of user feedback is extremely valuable for software designers to know what works, what doesn’t, and possible changes that might be needed.


98 Comments on "Module 2: Registering and Logging In"

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Can you please create a test journal for me? Thanks.

    – SK

  2. Profile photo of Rodney Rodney says:

    Hello Kevin,

    Help me out on creating my journal. i cannot go beyond the “register” option.

  3. Profile photo of Jen Walklate Jen Walklate says:

    Hi Kevin, could you set up a Journal for me please? Many thanks. J.

  4. Profile photo of Lucas Negri Lucas Negri says:

    Hello Kevin!
    Would you please set up a journal for me?
    Thank you very much!

  5. Hi, I tried to change my username but I didn’t succeed. Plus, it is not mandatory for readers to register to OJS, I can set full the journal to be fully OA. Is that correct?
    Thanks 馃檪

  6. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Would you please setup a journal for me?



  7. Hi Kevin, could you please set up a journal for me?

  8. Hi, I am having difficulties registering, can you pls help set up a journal for me. Thanks!!!

  9. Hi,
    I would like to start working on a journal. Would you set up for me, please?

    Kind regards,

  10. Hi Kevin,
    Would you set up a journal for me, please?
    Kind regards!

    Harri Fajri

  11. Profile photo of Luis Rivas Luis Rivas says:

    I would like to start working on a journal. What do I need to do to create and access the journal?

  12. Hello Kevin,
    Would you set up a journal for me, please?
    Kind regards!

    Alicia L贸pez Mendoza

  13. Profile photo of Ana Ortega Ana Ortega says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Would you set up a journal for me, please?
    Kind regards!

    Ana Isabel

  14. Hi Kevin,
    I’ve already registered and logged in. I’d like to create my own journal in order yo do the activities. How can I do this? I will appreciate your help.
    Best regards,

  15. Profile photo of Wajid Wajid says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I am in process of digitizing our journal. we have ISSN No as well. Please help me how can Register it instead of using given list.

    Business Review
    ISSN 1990-6587



  16. Hi Kevin
    Can I create my own journal in this module rather than using one already in the list?

  17. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    Hi I think that i have a problem with the access
    Cant you help with url for the practice this module?

    Thanks was attentive to, Yolanda.

  18. Hi,

    I am Mere Delai, from Fiji, and I manage to log in without any problems, thanks, and looking forward to the next steps!!!

  19. Thanks, Kevin. Everything works fine.

  20. Hi, Kevin
    I did not receive the mail with the login details.

  21. Hi Kevin,

    would you be able to set up a journal for me, please?


  22. I registered without problem. Thank you very much

  23. Kevin,
    I did my register without problems, I received the confirmation from Arleysoto Journal. Now, can you sending me the URL and access data for my journal?
    Thanks !

  24. Hi Kevin

    Thank you so much, i didn’t had problems accesing my journal.
    I did the register of the activity without problem and i received an email with my username and password.

  25. Hi, the activity says that i will have my own journal but when i visit the link i just see Arleysoto Journal and Test Journal. Can you to set up a journal for me?


  26. Profile photo of Gyaneshwaran Gyaneshwaran says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m a physics teacher from Sreenidhi International School. I wish to start Sreenidhi International School Journal of Physics. My website where I wish to host this journal is I’ve hosted this website with Now I’m trying to install OJS, but it seems complicated. I already registered in this website, but how do I access the Journal Manager Login page to register as Journal Manager as shown in your video? So is the controlling of the Journal done through this website? How do I install the ojs-2.4.5.tar.gz in my website?

  27. I don’t have any problem to register.
    I received very quick the email of confirmation.

  28. Hi. I’m working through the modules, but need to do so at the level of journal manager. Is there a place to check that off in the Profile? Where would I get access to the back-end management system where I would run the operations of the journal? How do I get set up in the Journal Manager role?

  29. Hi Kevin, would you be able to set up a journal for me, please? Thanks!

  30. Perfect! Very nice, thank you again.


  31. Hello Kevin,

    Would you please set up a journal page for me?

    Many thanks,

  32. Profile photo of Penny Penny says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for setting me up. I’m just wondering if it is possible to migrate my output here to the “official” journal site.

  33. Profile photo of Penny Penny says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I hope this finds you well. Can you please set up the journal for me?

    All the best,


  34. Hello,

    What is the link to the website where I can register a new journal?

  35. Profile photo of Anne Anne says:


    Would you please set up a journal for me?
    Many thanks!


  36. Hi, I am already registered but need the role of manager magazines. Can you create it for me.


  37. Profile photo of Haley Haley says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Would it be possible to get a journal set up for me so that I can work through the activity?

    Thank you!

  38. Profile photo of Haley Haley says:


    Would it be possible for you to set up a journal for me so that I can try out the activity?

    Thank you!

  39. Francisco Reveles says:

    Hi, Kevin, I see I need you to setup my journal. Is there anything else I need to do before that? Thanks.

  40. Edil Torres Rivera says:

    Ok, I missing something — how do I become the manager?

    • Profile photo of kevin says:

      You just need to let me know and I can set you up! I’ll create an account for you, and you can login as soon as you get the email. If you don’t see the email within 5 minutes from now, let me know.

  41. Lili says:

    In my real journal – users often write me about problem of logging in.
    Often users forgot password and start to reset it. They recieved 1 system’s e-mail (confirmation of reset), but don’t wait 2nd letter (with username and password) 馃檪

    1 our reviewer can’t come to journal a long time. I changed her pasword a lot of times, but she can’t come to the system. Every my request for reviewing I have to add attachment file to email.

  42. Suzanne Preate says:

    I had no problems logging in here but I’ve found the registration process for my “real world” journals to be confusing for people. We use LDAP for authentication and my experience has been if you set up accounts for users, you *must* generate a random password which they receive, along with their username, via email. However, because of LDAP, the login information they receive from the system (specifically the password) does not match their existing credentials. (I make sure the username is the same in both contexts.) Our solution was to edit the automatic email to reflect both conditions, i.e., 1.) affiliated users must log in with their existing username and password and ignore the randomly generated password in the email 2.) non-affiliates must log in with the combination they receive in the email. It’s clunky. Once users start to register themselves, it won’t be an issue (I think), but it would be great to support the LDAP feature without forcing the password generation and communication. Hope that wasn’t too confusing!

    • Profile photo of kevin says:

      Hi Suzanne — LDAP is one of those areas that could use some improvements based on real user feedback like yours. I’ll pass this along to the developers for consideration in a future version of OJS!

  43. Suzanne Preate says:


  44. Suzanne Preate says:

    Hello, Under Activity, it says “Everyone will have their own journal to work with, identified by your name (e.g., Kevin Stranack鈥檚 Journal). You can access it here:…” I don’t see a journal with my name. Am I missing a step? Thanks!

  45. Helmer Arley Soto Rueda says:

    James, If you have the Journal Manager Rol, so you have to go to >>Home > User > Journal Management, and then in the Users section select 禄 Enroll a User from this Site in this Journal, finally you select the rol you want to assign to the user, and click on “ENROLL USER”

  46. James Logie says:

    When I registered I forgot to select role as a Reader, an Author, and a Reviewer when I set op the account. What can I do to correct this fault.

    • Profile photo of kevin says:

      Hi James — depending on the settings selected by the Journal Manager, you might be able to login to your account, go to your Profile, and select the roles of Author or Reviewer there. If those options are not available, you would need to contact the Journal Manager to enroll you.

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