Module 4: Managing Users




In this unit, you will learn how to manage user accounts, including changing roles, updating personal information, and resetting passwords. If you are responsible for an OJS journal, you will definitely need this information.





Please read section 3 – User Management – in the OJS User Guide.



For this activity, simply login as the JM and review the User Management links. You may not have any users other than yourself, but we’ll change that in the next unit!



Does User Management in OJS seem to make sense? Is there anything you would change? Please post your comments below.


42 Comments on "Module 4: Managing Users"

  1. Profile photo of Lucas Negri Lucas Negri says:

    Hi Kevin! I have registered myself in my Journal, but I don’t have the function of Journal Manager in my User Home, I’m there only as Author and Reviewer. What’s happening?

  2. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    Each journal similarly makes the process but not the same, it would be great apart from that users can change roles, there some of them at least the editors in bosses may restrict some communications between authors and editors section.

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I have registered as a user on a Test journal. But everything seems to have stopped there. What is next step.

  4. Profile photo of Brit Paris Brit Paris says:


    I can’t see the Journal Management page. I think I need to be made the JM of a course/test journal?


  5. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    Seems intuitive and well organized. I like that there’s plenty of roles to be assigned and reassigned — good to have options as the journal manager. I am guessing there is the capability, but can users upload profile photos to quickly identify them?

    • Yes, absolutely — when you are logged in, look in the sidebar for the My Profile link. Select that, and on the resulting page, at the bottom of the form, you will see an image upload section.

      This is fairly rudimentary in OJS 2.x, but social features like this will be a bigger part of future versions of the software.

  6. Each magazine is different, it is good option to have different roles.

  7. I’m a developer software, always is important have roles in a system, can prevent disaster :/ Would be great customize a role, i.e., maybe an Section Editor without communication with author =)

  8. Hello Kevin, would you please give me the JM role in my test journal; thanks

  9. Journal Manager is an interesting role because it let us manage all options in our journal, i want to mention Merge users option, at the begining i couldn’t understand why OJS has not the option for delete users, but now think it is correct, if we delete an user we could break the database integrity.

  10. Profile photo of Icel Burger Icel Burger says:

    Hi Kevin

    Can you please make me the Journal Manager of a test journal. Thanks in advance.

  11. kevin , can you make me JM? thank you in advance?

  12. Hey Kevin – I cannot see the Journal Management tools. As I’ve read above, can you give me JM access to my test journal? This will ultimately be my role for my online journal. Thanks!

  13. Profile photo of kevin says:

    No, unfortunately it is not optional. If someone is reluctant, it might be best to create the user account for that person, and choose the “Require the user to change their password the next time they log in” option. They will still receive the unencrypted password via email, but will need to change it immediately to something more secure.

  14. Ines says:

    One question: it is optional to send the user a welcome email containing their username and password, or to choose that option when registering oneself. Is that email encripted? Some people may be reluctant to getting the password by email, I know one case… Thank you!

  15. Helmer Arley Soto Rueda says:

    Kevin, do you expect to do the exercises on ?? or can we do that on our localhost installation??

    This is because in this exercise we have to “login as the JM” but I only have the roles Author and Reviewer in your journal…


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