Module 5: Creating New Users

First Quiz



Everyone using your OJS, whether authors, reviewers, or editors, will need to have user accounts. This unit will show you how to quickly and easily create new user accounts in OJS.





Please read section 3 – User Management – in the OJS User Guide.



As the JM, create 5 new user accounts. You can make up any names and email addresses you wish. Enroll one as an Editor, another as a Section Editor, another as a Reviewer, another as an Author, and another as a Reader.


First Quiz

[WpProQuiz 28]


First Evaluation

You are now about one quarter of the way through the course, so it would be a good time to write up any comments you have about how things are going so far.



Did you have any problems creating the new accounts? If so, describe what went wrong or was confusing. Please post your comments below.


15 Comments on "Module 5: Creating New Users"

  1. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    It’s good to some assessments, to determine whether the student is understanding the issues, although some questions are a little confusing, but all good until now =)

  2. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    Are there options to register users as copyeditors and proofreaders?

  3. I’m ok, I could register the 5 roles without problems. It will be a great idea have a chance to register 2 or more email accounts for a same user, don’t you think?

    • At this point, we use the email address as the unique identifier for an account, so it is limited to one per user. It could be possible, however, to have a field or two for alternative email addresses, and all messages would go to both. Definitely worth considering!

  4. Everything is good in this moment, i didn’t had any problem creating new users acounts, about first quiz one question was confusing and i did it wrong.

  5. Dear friends,
    I have a problem with users!

    I start my journal,, and when a tried to enroll new user for journal the system do not send the email to the user!

    What can I do to fix the problem?

  6. Lili says:

    Thanks for your response, Kevin! I meant only “username” field only, not role. But this moment was surprising for me – i thought with OJS we could change all in any point 🙂

  7. Lili says:

    As for “username” category:
    I’ve created user “lili” but i want to change this username to “reviewer”. But I can’t – nor like user, nor like manager.
    is it impossible to change it? never? 🙂

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