Module 7: Setup Step 2

Review Activity



Now that you’ve completed Setup Step 1, you can move on to Step 2. In this section you will learn about the second of the five journal setup steps, which includes information about the journal’s policies. The policies will appear on the journal’s About page for your readers.

Once you’ve finished this course and start working with real journals, you will find that this step can take a significant amount of time, as the editorial team may need to have extensive discussions to iron out their policies. For the sake of this unit, though, we can just make them up!





Please read this section of the OJS User Guide.

Please note the “Paste from Word” tool when adding content to the textboxes. If you are copying and pasting from Word be SURE to use the “Paste from Word” icon. DO NOT PASTE directly into the textbox from Word, or you will copy over Microsoft-specific code which is invisible in the word processor but will be problematic for displaying on the web.

In this unit’s activity, you will see a section for enabling LOCKSS for your journal. LOCKSS is an open source system for preserving online content, but does require participation in an “LOCKSS Network”. By using OJS, your content is LOCKSS-ready, but you will need to find and join a suitable LOCKSS community. To learn more, visit their website:



For this activity, login to your journal, and select your role as a Journal Manager again.

Return to the Setup section, and go to Step 2. Proceed through the different fields, adding some information to each field.

For inspiration, here are some examples of text from other OJS journals:

2.1 Focus and Scope

2.2 Review Policy

2.5 Add Item to Appear in “About the Journal”
This journal has added “Advisory Board” as a new item:

You will also come to a section for adding a Reviewer Database. This is an optional feature, where you can add any databases that might be useful for finding potential reviewers. For example, if you are an education journal, you might add ERIC:

Any databases added here will be available to the Editors when they are selecting reviewers for a submission (see the section on Selecting a Reviewer in the OJS User Guide).

Once you’ve finished filling in your Step 2 form, select Save.

As with the previous activity, go to the About page and you can see the changes you made by filling in the form. For example, you can see the updated Focus and Scope section.


Review Activity

Throughout the rest of this course, you will have review activities to complete, based upon an imaginary scenario.

In this first review activity, imagine that your editor has called and asked you to create a new Reviewer account and a new Section Editor account for two of her colleagues. Go ahead now and create those two new accounts, based on what you learned in the earlier unit.

NOTE: You can make up any names and email addresses that you wish.



Did everything work in Step 2 as expected, or were there some surprises? Was there anything you didn’t understand? Please post your comments below.


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  1. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    It’s a bit confusing to understand at a glance what the LOCKSS server, but with the information provided in this course, is more understandable, thanks =)

  2. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    I got stuck, temporarily, on the “Focus and Scope” field under “About.” It’s challenging to define this fully at this point — plus it seems to overlap a bit with the mission and vision statements.

  3. Do not place the button “Word” use “HTML” and “Reviewer Reminders” was not active to change daily.

  4. Everything is fine. Just one thing, the Reviewer Reminders is very important for Editors but is disable and only a person with technical knowledge could be enable, why not enable by default?. Sometimes the support people they are “very busy”

  5. I couldn’t see “Paste from Word” icon so i copied the text and paste in the box and the text appear without problems. Why does it happened?


  6. Lili says:

    As for me I first time hearing about “Paste from Word” – very useful icon, but not in real journal nor in Course Journal it hasn’t appeared.
    A lot of times i had the problem of pasting ready text into the ojs filds. Finally, to see a good formatting – always experimented with html-code.

    What forum told? Have you asked yet?

  7. Arley says:

    I use the “Paste from Word” icon in the Course-Journal, and it works perfectly to clean up text copied from word. However, I realized that in my localhost OJS, the “Paste from Word” icon does not appear. Is there something special that I need to set up to have that icon working properly?

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