Module 8: Setup Step 3




In this section you will learn about the third of the five journal setup steps, which includes information about the journal’s submission policies.

This step is important as it will guide your authors to make the best submissions they can, which can save your editors valuable time in filtering out inappropriate submissions and ensuring you get all of the necessary author details, paper formatting, reference styles, etc.

One of the key elements of OJS is helping build in efficiencies that save editorial time, and getting the submission requirements right is a critical part of this.





Please read the section on Step 3 in the OJS User Guide.

To get a sense of how this will look on a real journal, you can visit the Author Guidelines page of Postcolonial Text.

Scroll down that same page, and you can see both their Submission Checklist items and Copyright Notices.

Take a look at this article, “The Manuscript Submission Mess: Brief Notes from a Grumpy Author“, and think about why you need to carefully decide what to ask your submitters to do (and what maybe you should not ask them to do).



For this activity, login to your journal, and select your role as a Journal Manager again.

Return to the Setup section, and go to Step 3. Proceed through the different fields, adding some information to each field.

Here are some further examples again:

Author Guidelines/Submission Checklist

Copyright Notice

Save once you’ve finished.



Did everything work in Step 3 as expected, or were there some surprises? Was there anything you didn’t understand? Please post your comments below.


18 Comments on "Module 8: Setup Step 3"

  1. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    Most publishers made the question of how to properly configure CITATION MARKUP ASSISTANT, but so far in the new versions I think it is no longer a testing tool, I wish there was a video or a document that explains more in detail what of setting this point, I have done some testing and I’ve seen would be a useful tool for citation, one must know well how to configure it, I hope we can support with that, since several of the partners have made the same Question.
    Greetings, Yola

  2. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    Just to clarify, is 3.4’s Subject Classification a resource for authors to help them write their articles? Would ERIC be suitable for a film studies journal?

    • This would be to help authors better index their submission. For example, if you wanted all articles indexed using Library of Congress terms, you would link to their site: — authors could then refer to the site to select the most appropriate subject term (e.g., Visual arts — Theory).

      In terms of indexes, ERIC is more focused on education topics, so it would be more of a secondary choice, I think. There are more specific film indexes, such as Film & Television Literature Index, Film Literature Index (FLI), and International Index to the Performing Arts.

  3. The URL of “PLoS Policy” does not work properly.

  4. The metadata harvesting is very important for share the information with another systems, this harvesting will be successfull only if the metadata are standardized, for example names, the keywords, etc. About the step 3 is a good practice define the rules from acceptance for all the new submissions, this guarantees works with major quality.

  5. This step is intuitive and it let to provide information necessary for authors.
    The video and documentation don’t mention point 3.7 Citation Markup Assistant and it is a recurrent question from editors, i did some practices for understand this topic and i think is a very good tool, but i would like to see it on a video for being sure that i did everything fine.

    • Good question! The Citation Markup Assistant is still experimental, but we will develop a video for it in the future.

      • Hi Kevin

        I’m here again with a new question.
        I’m trying to configure an OJS for use OAI, when i validate the URL, everything is fine, but when i check the List Records i get this message “This record has been deleted.” and then in the oai_dc option i get this:
        * OAI Error(s)
        * The request could not be completed due to the following error or errors.
        * Error Code bad Argument
        * Identifier is not in a valid format

        Can you tell me what are the steps that i need to follow for do it correctly?


  6. Profile photo of Ina Smith Ina Smith says:

    Hi Kevin You’ve indicated previously that Citation Markup Assistant is still somewhat experimental. Has it been completed, is there a video available, and maybe some examples? I really struggle to get a grip on it, and am sure it will be very helpful once I know how to use it. Thanks so much. Ina

  7. Suzanne Preate says:

    How would one add metadata fields? To what scheme are the existing fields mapped? Is it possible to add more than one classification list? Thanks!

  8. Ines says:

    Thank Kevin, I will leave it disabled then

  9. Ines says:

    Very useful information, thank you.
    In the setup process there is a last section, 3.7 Citation Markup Assistant, which is not explained in the OJS User guide nor in the video. Is it worthy to enable it? I really don’t know how it works.

    In the readings, the link to Author Guidelines page of Postcolonial Text is broken…

    • Profile photo of kevin says:

      At this point, the Citation Markup Assistant is still somewhat experimental. I’d leave it disabled for now, but watch for updates in future versions of OJS.

      Thanks for the tip on the broken link. I’ll fix that!

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