OJS for Editors

Hello and welcome! This course is designed for people who need to learn how to use OJS quickly. Whether you are starting your own journal or are responsible for setting up a journal for someone else, you’ll find all of the basics covered in this course, as well as pointers toward more advanced topics.

If you work through all of the lessons in this course, you will be able to:

  1. Perform the major tasks required by an Editor in OJS
  2. Analyze and solve common problems that may arise when using OJS
  3. Assist others with their use of OJS
  4. Know where to look for help when you don’t know what to do


Module 1: Introduction to PKP & OJS

Module 2: Editorial Workflow Overview

Module 3: Roles in OJS

Module 4: Registering and Logging In

Module 5: Creating an Issue

Module 6: Submitting an Article

Module 7: Responding to a Submission

Module 8: Assigning a Section Editor

Module 9: Assigning a Reviewer

Module 10: The Reviewer’s Steps

Module 11: Responding to the Reviews

Module 12: Making the Editorial Decisions

Module 13: The Author’s Revisions

Module 14: Assigning a Copyeditor

Module 15: The Initial Copyedit

Module 16: The Final Copyedit

Module 17: Assigning a Layout Editor

Module 18: Layout Editing

Module 19: Assigning a Proofreader

Module 20: Completing the Proofreading

Module 21: Scheduling a Submission

Module 22: Publishing the Issue

Module 23: Making Changes After Publication

Module 24: Getting Help