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The author for this course was Kevin Stranack (PKP).

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  1. … ooops, my first typo? … spelling ‘bee’?… previous commentary ~ query … ‘their’ should read ‘there’ …

  2. … Hello, Kevin Stranack … I’m delighted to have discovered PKP School, through the SFU (Simon Fraser University)connect … I really am enthused about beginning my Courses in Editing … I’ve noticed though, that their is no course devoted to Indexing? … Thank You …

  3. Apologies for that! I’ve fixed the link above.

  4. Ali says:

    Also, please clarify e after setting up the all parts, how I can add the dashboard ribbon various section such as, ADVANCE ACCESS, EDITORIAL TEAM, FOCUS AND SCOPE, AUTHOR GUIDE AND SUBMISSIONS REVIEWER GUIDELINES, CODE OF CONDUCT, ABSTRACTING AND INDEXING to the head of my first page journal. Please accept my excuse due to taking your time.
    Thanks a lot

  5. Ali says:

    Hello and Greeting
    I am planning to establish an academic open access journal. I would like you to only list me how I should go through the path.
    I appreciate your consideration.

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