Module 3: User Home Page




This unit provides a brief overview of the main elements of the Journal Manager’s User Home page. After completing this unit, you will be familiar with this interface and know where to go to perform a wide variety of tasks.

This unit shouldn’t take you very long, but it is critically important to become comfortable with the user home page, both for orienting yourself in the journal, but also for effectively guiding others.





Please read the section on User Roles in the OJS User Guide.



Did everything work as expected, or were there some surprises? The concept of “roles” is critical to understanding how OJS works, so be sure to read that section of the User Guide carefully. If you have any questions, post them here.


19 Comments on "Module 3: User Home Page"

  1. Profile photo of Adam Mahama Adam Mahama says:

    Could you please take me through how to design layout such I like the theme and stylesheet. I would like to adopt it for my institution’s journal. I’m responsible for setting up the journal. Thanks

  2. In section 2.2.2 Journal manager you can read: “Alternately, if the names and email addresses of potential users already exist in another database (e.g., a spreadsheet), they can be imported into the system.”

    1.-This, can be done whit the plugin Users XML Plugin?
    2.-What file format can be imported? If we open the plugin seems that only supports xml
    3.-What basic data about users must contain the file to be imported to the system?
    4.-There are data that are not imported to the system? It will be necessary then edit each user profile to complete?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Profile photo of Wajid Wajid says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I have registered in Journal of OJS Experimentation. In this module when I click on “user home page”, I don’t get similar option. Am I missing something here?

  4. Profile photo of Yola Yola says:

    In my experience, when entering this or any platform is a bit difficult to understand that they have many links, but when you start to go in and make the links, everything is much simpler. =D

  5. Profile photo of Greg Chan Greg Chan says:

    Is it typical for the roles of site administrator, journal manager, and editor to be filled by the same individual?

  6. At first it is difficult to understand, with practice it makes it easier.

  7. In my experience, the first contact with the user home page cause many questions because you see a lot of links, many options and if you dont know the purpose of each role could lose yourself. Must be patient =)

  8. I think the user home page is simple and intuitive we have the main options for each role on this area and this allow us to provide timely follow up.

  9. Suzanne Preate says:

    All clear. Thanks.

  10. Helmer Arley Soto Rueda says:

    Everything is very clear. However the following roles:

    2.2.9. Copyeditor
    2.2.10. Layout Editor
    2.2.11. Proofreader

    are available only if the journal manager have activated them previously on the “Set up” Section (Step 4. Managing the Journal)

    So, do not surprise if you can not see those roles…

    • Profile photo of kevin says:

      That’s a very good point. I had to help someone this week with that very problem!

    • Lili says:

      A long time this roles (Copyeditor, Layout Editor, Proofreader) was all activated in my journal (i’m manager).

      After some time, i became Layout Editor/Proofreader too. I was very happy to find a way to deactivate it and omit unnecessary assigning and e-mailing.

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