The original adapted Library Publishing Curriculum content for the “Attracting, Selecting, and Disseminating Content for your Library Publishing Program” course modules was authored by: Peter Berkery, Executive Director, AAUP; Meredith Babb, Director, University Press of Florida; Jasmine Mulliken, Stanford University Press; Friederike Sundaram, Stanford University Press; Dennis Lloyd, University of Wisconsin Press; Mary Rose Muccie, Director, Temple University Press; Brenna McLaughlin, Director of Marketing & Communications, AAUP

The Introduction module was adapted from content originally authored for the Library Publishing Curriculum by: Charles Watkinson, October Ivins, Carol Ann Davis, Kevin Stranack, Isaac Gilman, Katherine Skinner, Melanie Schlosser, & Holly Mercer.

Editors and contributors for this PKP School adaptation of Getting Started in Library Publishing courses include: Marianne Hoffard, Patricia Mangahis, Jeanette Hatherill, Andrea Pritt, Emma Uhl, Sharlene Prasad, Katherine Robertson, Marisa MacDonald, Sarah Zhang, Julian Waite, Jane Jun, Kate Shuttleworth, and Kevin Stranack.