OJS for Journal Managers now available

I’m pleased to report that we’ve now copied the content for OJS for Journal Managers over from the old site. I’m still working out some bugs with the quizzes, but otherwise it is ready to use.

2 Comments on "OJS for Journal Managers now available"

  1. Before you can see the Management pages, you first need to configure your Site Settings and set up the new “Hosted Journal” as the Site Administrator. See here for details: http://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/docs/userguide/2.3.3/siteAdministrationSiteSettings.html

  2. Triet says:

    Hi! Administrator

    Please help me, I have installed the OJS-2.4.4-1 but now I do not see the Management Journal. Administrator can help me this is not?


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